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Friday, July 14, 2006 

The Mood of This Post Changes Quickly

Sure. Getting laid is great. The process of getting laid is fun. But the mere prospect of getting laid can make your entire weekend.

Let’s begin at the top. I met José at Notre Dame at Reunion at the beginning of June. As Frenchie (I really need a nickname for French….maybe I’ll call her…I don’t know…help me audience!) and I were walking out to my car, we passed José. He was putting his golf clubs in the back of his car. We stopped to chat and he told us he’s from Mexico and got his Masters at ND. Now he’s working in town for a health care company. I told him to call me so we could hang out during reunion and maybe go out on the golf course the last day of reunion.

He never called. So I wrote him off. No reason for me to get upset over a guy who lives 2 hrs away. Well, when I got back to Michigan, I emailed him just as I emailed everyone who gave me their business cards. He was very apologetic telling me a story about a sick child (boo!) and too much partying. He let me know that he would really like to know more about me and that maybe we could meet at a golf course somewhere between South Bend and Lansing. I said I was up for it. He said he would call me. I haven’t heard from him since.

With a stack of business cards on my desk, I decided to input them into my work database and throw all the physical cards away. I came upon José’s card again. I sent him a short email letting him know that the ball was still in his court. He emailed me back and made plans to instead come to Lansing next weekend where we could golf and go to dinner. Yes! Opportunity to get laid (or at least a free hot meal) next weekend.

Although, as I’m writing this I’m seeing a pattern. My mood has changed from the first lines of this post. I’m not really excited anymore. And really, why should I be? He’s flaked on me twice before and he doesn’t even know my last name. Ok. I’m done with him. I’m not excited anymore. Fortunately for me the hammock Kipper bought me came today so I plan on spending the weekend hanging it in the backyard. And if I’m lucky, the Young’un will come over this weekend and help me ‘play’ in it.

YAY for hammocks!!! BOO for flaky men!

~ Roomie

correction, roomie...

YAY! for Hammock SEX.

and Boo on flaky ND people. That's my job!

I haven't been in a hammock in years!

Don't give the ND the time of day. Twice is too many times to blow someone off.

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