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Thursday, March 16, 2006 

Winn Dixie

I officially have something to live for again. No it's not a man. No it's not something new at the job. The date I am currently living for and looking forward to is May 23, 2006. And why? Because that's the date that The Chicks release their new album. And I'm excited. I've just extended my life expecetancy 2 months! Go Me!

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  • I'm young, single, got a great ass, a serial dater, a sometimes drunk, addicted to the gym, liable to make fat girls cry, have a mild ED, think Notre Dame is the greatest college and Texas is the greatest state. Currently at a standstill since moving from Detroit Area, Michigan (tons of yuppies) to Mason, MI (noted KKK presence). Come be a part of my random, shocking, and exciting world.
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