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Monday, October 23, 2006 

The Big Leagues

As a woman of color, I sometimes find it difficult finding hosiery that accurately compliments my skin tone. Most of the stockings I find in stores are really too light for my skin complexion and they make my legs looks weird. Plus, I'm totally old school and think that stockings should be worn with most outfits. So, while in Detroit today for work I stopped by Somerset's Sak's Fifth Avenue to stock up on a couple pair of stockings. I like to buy insignificant things at expensive places. That way I get on their mailing lists and they send me neat stuff in the mail and I feel important. However, Sak's didn't have my color so I ventured over to Neiman Marcus.

Now, I've never bought anything at Neimans. I like to browse and pretend that I can afford a lot of the stuff in there. However, hosiery is pretty much the same price everywhere, and they had my color. I walked to the counter and whipped out my Visa card to pay. Guess what? Neimans doesn't take Visa. They only take cash, AMEX, baby blood, and checks. Fortunately I was able to run out to my car to grab my checkbook. I was so happy when the sales girl entered my name, address, and phone number into their computer system. I'm now part of the Neimans circle. Next I'll get flyers for events I can't attend and discounts for clothes I can't afford. All leading up to a copy of the Christmas Wish Book in 2007. What a lucky girl am I.

Ok, I have to admit that this post sucks. However, I'm trying my best to find things to write about other than Baloo. Give me a break!

I think I have the opposite problem as you as I am a "woman of no color"! I have that pale-oh-my-God-girl-are-you-sick white skin.So when I wear panty hose,no matter how light the hose are, my legs look tan which never matches the rest of me.

I envy you for having skin tone!

see, and i thought you were gonna write that the booty in the hose isn't big enough to get around a black girl's thang.

i learn so much every day!

What?!?! Neimans doesn't take Visa?

Now that I have no Neimans by me, I'm not aware of the new policies. I actually only have a debit card now, so I wonder if they take that!?

You are hilarious about trying not to post about B. Cracks me up. I get lucky with panty hose but some make me look ridiculous if they are too tan. I just end up looking fake. Kinda the same problem as M.

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